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About Financial Advisers' International Qualification (FAIQ)

Internationally-recognized certificate to be jointly awarded on successful completion by the UK-based CII and IFPHK.

Relevant to local needs as the syllabus also covers Hong Kong market practices, products and legislation with 25% of the exam specifically testing on local knowledge.

A one-stop learning service that covers the coursebook, examination guide, sample questions and one sitting of the exam for a single fee.

The exam and course materials are now conveniently available in both English and Chinese. Each exam is conducted in the same manner, around the world, maintaining the certification standards internationally.

Open to everyone from graduates to professionals looking to gain an advantage in a highly competitive financial services industry.

Who is CII?

The CII of the United Kingdom is the premier professional organization for those working in the global insurance and financial services industry. It is dedicated to promoting higher standards of competence and integrity through the provision of relevant qualifications for employees at all levels and across all sectors of the industry. Success in CII qualifications is universally recognized as a sign of commitment and professionalism.

Immediate Benefits of FAIQ

  • Provides a solid grounding in practical financial advice and core knowledge in financial planning products.
  • Internationally-recognized certificate jointly awarded by CII and IFPHK.
  • Recognition from your employers, peers and customers.
  • Eligibility to apply for membership, allowing you to enhance your career by being part of internationally-recognized bodies.
  • Eligibility to apply for designation FAIQ (CII) and IFPHK Associate Member on name cards and other professional identifications.
  • Improves career prospects by demonstrating commitment to self-enhancement.
  • Individuals who passed the FAIQ Examination may qualify for exemption from the 120-hour AFP Certification Education Program.

Obtaining FAIQ

Click here for details in obtaining FAIQ.

Progressing to AFP Certification

AFP Certification provides you with practical knowledge and skills essential to your success as an aspiring financial planner.

Individuals who passed the FAIQ Examination are qualified for exemption to the 120-hour education requirement of the AFP Certification (under Challenge Status List A), allowing FAIQ holders to progress directly to the CFP Certification Examination (Foundation Level).