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1. Purpose of the complaints process

All CFP certificants agree to be bound by various professional, technical and ethical standards set out in the IFPHK Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility . These standards reflect a commitment by CFP certificants to provide a high standard of professional conduct when delivering financial planning services to consumers.

To ensure that all CFP certificants uphold these standards, the IFPHK has a formal disciplinary review policy which enables complaints against CFP certificants to heard, evaluated and where appropriate, apply disciplinary actions against the complainant.

Consumers should be aware that IFPHK will only investigate cases of breaches of the IFPHK Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Disciplinary Rules and Procedure . A grievance must be more than a claim of misconduct. Proof of misconduct must be established by a preponderance of the evidence.

2. How to make a complaint?

A complaint against the conduct, behavior, actions and or recommendation of CFP certificant holder is a matter taken very seriously by IFPHK. We suggest that in addition to sending us a complaint, complainants should also formally register their complaint with the appropriate regulatory authority. This may include complaints to the Securities and Futures Commission, , the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, , the Insurance Authority, , or the
Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, .

Consumers should be aware that IFPHK has jurisdiction to deal with complaints about itself and CFP certificants only. It does not have the ability to award financial compensation to consumers.

To lodge a complaint about a CFP certificant holder, please send your complaint by mail or fax to

The Investigating Officer
13/F,Causeway Bay Plaza 2,
463 - 483 Lockhart Road,
Hong Kong

Fax: 2982 7777

All complaints must:

  • Be in writing
  • Show the name and address of the complainant
  • Show the individual name of the CFP certificant under possible investigation
  • Detail the nature of the complaint, including primary evidence where possible
  • Be signed by the complainant

If a complaint against a financial planning professional is being investigated externally (either by courts, SFC, etc), the IFPHK will consider whether it is appropriate to commence its own investigation into the matter. If the IFPHK has already commenced an investigation, then it will consider whether it is appropriate to suspend the investigation until a formal determination is made.