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The QRA Education Program consists of regular classroom training plus self-study covering a wide range of core competencies in retirement issues and basic financial planning skills and knowledge.


Ordinary Track VS. Exemption Track

To earn the qualification, applicants must successfully complete the QRA Education Program. The Ordinary Track consists of seven topics at a total of 40 class hours.

Applicants may qualify for the Exemption Track and be exempted from classroom training on Topics 1 to 3 (16 hours) if they meet one of the following requirements:

  • Three years full-time financial services industry experience; OR
  • Any one of the following academic or professional qualifications
        - Bachelor’s degree or above from accredited education institutions; or
        - Qualifications listed in the Exemption List

To complete the QRA Education Program, applicants must fulfill an attendance requirement of 80% of the class hours required.

Please click HERE for the information about the most recent intake of the QRA education program.