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The examination, namely CFP Certification Examination (Foundation Level)1 , is designed to assess an examinee’s ability in applying the financial planning knowledge and skills learned from the education program. Examination questions are based on knowledge, skills and abilities required of financial planners in Hong Kong (For details, please see the Financial Planner Competency Profile Report) and are developed by academics and industry experts to ensure the questions reflect real-world financial planning.  Passing the examinations demonstrate an examinee's proficiency in knowledge, skills and abilities related to financial planning.

The examination is in the format of multiple choice questions.

Pre-requisites to the Examination

Candidates are eligible to enroll in the examination after they have completed, or are exempted from the AFP Certification Education Program.

Examination Coverage

You are highly recommended to review the Examination Syllabus to get yourself familiarize with the examination topics and weightings. You may also refer to the sample examination questions to help familiarise yourself with the format and style of questions which you may see in the examinations.

Examination Frequency

CFP Certification Examination (Foundation Level) will be held TWICE per year usually in June and December. You may refer to the Examination Time Schedule for details of upcoming examinations.


All questions in the examination are of equal marks. The CFP Certification Examination (Foundation Level) is graded PASS or FAIL. Examinees who are unable to attend the examination will be regarded as ABSENT.

Re-examination and Time Limit

An examination fee reduction is available for re-sit examinees2. There is no limit on the maximum number of re-sit examinations that an examinee can take.

Examination Results

Examination results are normally available within six weeks after the examination.  Examinees may check the results on the IFPHK website. A notification email will be sent to examinees to notify them of the release of examination results. 


For details of the CFP Certification Examination (Foundation Level), you may download the Examination Handbook.

For examination enrolment, you may click HERE.



1  Formerly known as the “AFP Certification Examination” (prior to 2014).

2  The examination fee reduction is subject to review and change by the IFPHK from time to time.