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To ensure the high standards of AFP certificants the IFPHK will only award the AFP Certification to those who have qualified work experience, defined as experience working in the financial services industry.

To quality as an AFP certificant, Candidates must possess ONE year of full-time qualified work experience or the equivalent part-time (2,000 hours part-time equals one year full-time).

Experience may be gained up to ten years before or eight years after the CFP Certification Examination date. If the work experience requirement is not fulfilled within this time frame, the Candidacy for certification may be terminated.

It is envisaged that only Candidates employed in the financial services industry would be likely to meet the above requirements, which includes accounting firms, banks, financial planning companies, insurance companies, law firms and related legal services, mutual fund companies, securities and brokerage houses, trust companies and universities.

If necessary, the IFPHK will add other types of employment or business in the definition of financial services industry.

The submitted experience record must be verified and attested by the Candidate's current supervisor, or a member of the senior management, or the human resources manager of the Candidate's current employer. If the Candidate is a sole proprietor, a third party product provider may verify his or her experience.

For complete information on how the IFPHK defines Qualified Work Experience, please refer HERE.