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An individual using the CFP Marks in other territories can become certified across border in Hong Kong by obtaining CFP Certification from the IFPHK and abiding by the certification renewal requirements of both the IFPHK and the FPSB Affiliate in the Home Territory.

Who Should Apply?

Any CFP professional who wishes to display the CFP Marks in Hong Kong other than the Home Territory in which he or she was first certified while delivering, directly supporting or supervising the financial planning process or to hold himself or herself out as a CFP professional in Hong Kong.


Be certified by the FPSB Affiliate in the Home Territory.

Required Documents

An individual must provide to the IFPHK the following documents to be eligible for the Cross-Border Certification:
• Proof of residency - CFP certificants who misrepresent their residency may be subject to disciplinary action by either or both
  FPSB Affiliate(s);
• A letter of good standing from the FPSB Affiliate in the Home Territory, confirming the CFP professional's:
i.  date of initial certification;
ii.  pathway to the CFP Certification Examination (registered education program, transcript review or "Fast-track to CFP Certification"), confirming that the Candidate passed the CFP Certification Examination in the Home Territory;
iii.  business contact information;
iv.  certification identification number; and
v.   disciplinary history with the FPSB Affiliate in the Home Territory. 
• A declaration indicating the country(ies) or region(s) in which s/he conducts business, regardless of whether s/he holds out as a CFP professional in that territory;
• Signed declarations (in the FPSB Affiliate's initial application and renewal forms for CFP Certification in the new territory) attesting to the accuracy of the information provided; and
• A declaration indicating that s/he has read and understands his or her obligations to the FPSB Affiliate

The "4E" Requirements

Eligible Candidates can fulfill the education requirements through self-study mode. Syllabus and reference materials can be found in the Examination Handbook and the Study Guide for Cross-Border CFP Certification.

The Cross-Border CFP Certification Examination focuses on Hong Kong local laws and regulations. Details of the Examination can be found in the Examination Handbook. The Cross-Border CFP Certification Examination is scheduled to be held once a year subject to demand.

Enrol to the upcoming examination

No additional experience requirement is imposed for Candidates of the Cross-Border CFP Certification Examination.

Candidates must agree to abide by a strict code of professional conduct that sets forth the ethical responsibilities to the public, clients and employers.

Annual Recertification as a CFP Certificant

To continue using the CFP marks, CFP certificants are required to renew their certification annually. For recertification, CFP certificants required to (1) complete a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education credits every year in order to stay up-to-date with developments in the financial planning profession (including 2 hours obtained from programs on compliance or ethics) and (2) agree to abide by the IFPHK's professional code and standards.

Cross Border CFP Marks Use Policy

For Cross Border CFP Marks Use Policy, please click here.

Cross Border CFP Certification Requirements

The Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) has created a tool-site to facilitate the requirements on CFP Certification Across Borders, please click here for more information.