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Qualified Retirement Adviser (QRA) Education Program and Examination

About QRA Education Program and Examination

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Hong Kong is facing a rapidly greying population. The proportion of elderly aged 65 and over is projected to have a twofold increase in the next 20 years. Those born during the baby boom’s period has moved towards their elderly stage, the population of elderly is projected to increase from 1.16mil (16.6% of the total population, that means one in every six people) to 2.37mil (concerning 31.1% of the total population, that means one in every three people). Comparing to the 0.5mil increase recorded 20 years ago (1996-2016), the ageing population has jet up obviously. The elderly population of 2.3 mil will persist for at least 30 years. In this phenomenon, retirement planning has become a highly demanding and urgent issue.

*Source: Census and Statistics Department: Hong Kong Population Projections 2012-2014

Highlights of QRA Education Program and Examination

  • No pre-requisite on academic or professional qualifications to apply
  • Fast and flexible course mode: 24-40 classroom hours