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NOTE: CFPCM certification program has been revamped in July 2011. Information contained in this page is applicable only to the following types of individuals:

(1) Students who have completed or have been enrolled in the IFPHK Registered CFPCM   Certification Education Program (6-modular education Program) on or before 30 June 2011
(2) Candidates who have completed or partially completed the CFPCM Certification Examination ( 4-paper mode ) on or before 30 June 2011.

For individuals other than the above-mentioned types, please click  here for information about the NEW REVAMPED CFPCMCertification and AFPTM Certification.

Approved Education Providers of IFPHK undertake to provide the IFPHK Registered CFPCM Certification Education Programs that are evaluated and monitored by IFPHK regularly. On a regular basis, staff also hold meetings with program administrators and instructors to ensure that their quality and competence levels meet IFPHK requirements.

Currently, there are four (4) Approved Education Providers.

They are:

  1. Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education (LiPACE)
    The Open University of Hong Kong 
    Tel: 3120 9988        Fax: 2381 8456
  2. Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE)
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
    Tel: 3400 2773        Fax: 2765 6323
  3. School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE)
    The City University of Hong Kong 
    Tel: 2784 3206      Fax: 3411 5484 
  4. School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE)
    The University of Hong Kong 
    Tel: 2867 8467        Fax: 2858 4750