CFPCM Certification Program was revamped in July 2011. Old Structure students / examination candidates may:

- complete the certification process under the old structure by 30 September 2013; OR
- apply for transfer to the new structure by 15 October 2013. Corresponding exemption from the education and / or examination requirements would be granted.

For more information, please refer to the Conversion Booklet.

You may make use of the Converter below to understand the exemption arrangements.

Steps to Use the Converter:

  • Click on the papers / education programs completed under the old structure
  • Click "Convert"
  • Status after the transfer will be shown
  • Click "Reset" to begin a new Convert
Old Structure (4-Paper Examination Papers) Completion Old Structure (6-Module Education Program) Completion
  Paper 1 - Insurance and Retirement Planning   Module 1 - Foundation of Financial Planning
  Paper 2 - Tax and Estate Planning   Module 2 - Insurance
  Paper 3 - Investment Planning   Module 3 - Investments
  Paper 4 - Financial Planning Practice   Module 4 - Taxation and Tax Planning
        Module 5 - Employee Benefits and Estate Planning
        Module 6 - Advanced Financial Planning