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NOTE: CFPCM certification program has been revamped in July 2011. Information contained in this page is applicable only to the following types of individuals:

(1) Students who have completed or have been enrolled in the IFPHK Registered CFPCM Certification Education Program (6-modular education Program) on or before 30 June 2011
(2) Candidates who have completed or partially completed the CFPCM Certification Examination ( 4-paper mode ) on or before 30 June 2011.

For individuals other than the above-mentioned types, please click  here for information about the NEW REVAMPED CFPCM Certification and AFPTM Certification.

Class Schedule of the Registered CFP Certification Education Program

The Registered CFPCM Certification Education Program consists of the following six modules:

Module 1 - Foundation of Financial Planning

Module 2 - Insurance

Module 3 - Investments

Module 4 - Taxation and Tax Planning

Module 5 - Employee Benefits & Estate Planning

Module 6 - Advanced Financial Planning

Students can complete each module in either the current face to face or the new distance learning mode.

Requirements on Module Sequence

Foundation of Financial Planning is a compulsory pre-requisite or co-requisite module for other modules. The module must be taken first by students when enrolling in the Registered CFPCM Certification Education Program. Students can, however, take any other modules (except Advanced Financial Planning) at the same time.

Advanced Financial Planning is the capstone module that must be taken last in the Registered CFPCM Certification Education Program. Students should have successfully completed at least four (4) other modules (including Foundation of Financial Planning) before they enrol for this module.

Currently, there are four (4) approved education providers.  More...